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Basic EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery)

This class can be taught on site or at the designated site.  This particular class is being offered by the University of Texas distance learning arm PETEX.

Research Projects


Her current research and upcoming projects


  • Mechanistic understanding and modeling key mechanisms for carbon storage in deep aquifers
  • Modeling and application of microgels for conformance control
  • Enhanced oil recovery processes involving chemical and gas injection
  • Wettability and chemically altered wettability oil recovery methods
  • Numerical simulator development and application to EOR processes and CO2 sequestration
  • Petrophysical property modeling
  • Parallel computation
  • Experimental Design methodology and Monte Carlo simulation for optimization of EOR processes
  • Numerical modeling and EOR processes for naturally fractured reservoirs
  • Groundwater modeling and remediation
  • Benchmark studies using in-house and commercial simulators for CO2 sequestration and EOR