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Basic EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery)

This class can be taught on site or at the designated site.  This particular class is being offered by the University of Texas distance learning arm PETEX.

Classes and Training

Dr. Delshad has been involved in many training and special programs at the University of Texas.  She has been one of the lead PIs in many projects that has brought millions of dollars to The University of Texas.   

Dr. Delshad's unparalleld knowledge and personal hands on development skill in UTCHEM a multiphase simulation package has made her one of the most sought out petroleum engineers in the area of CO2 sequestration and Enhanced and Recovery in the world.

Classes and Trainings

There is an up coming class which is taught at the PETEX EOR School remote  location in Houston, Texas.  This class is a three day long hands on training for Enhanced and Recovery technological leverage.  Dr.Delshad will be showing the valued use of UTCHEM in this process.  Or the PDF file can be observed for further information. 

Dr. Delshad was also one of the main contributor/educators for the Out-Reach Program for the CFSES and CDI which was funded by NSF and recommended by the Department of Energy (DOE).

For further information please visit the appropriate websites.

By offering many choices in furthering petroleum engineering companies' capabilities in the area of CO2 sequestration and Enhanced and Recovery has rendered Dr. Delshad a valued educator in the world in this area.  For choices of classes or to schedule a training for any size company please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Delshad.



Class Schedule will be posted as they come available

  1. Basic EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery),   This EOR class is being offered through the University of of Texas distance learning arm PETEX in Houston, Texas.

     2. Oil Recovery Enhancement Techniques(ORE) - ORE class is offered through PetroSkills.


      3. Chemical Enhanced Recovery, this class is being offered through Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)